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Use This Helpful LED Lamp Buying Guide to Protect Your Eyes

Use This Helpful LED Lamp Buying Guide to Protect Your Eyes

Recent years has seen a kind of an epidemic in short-sightedness in almost all countries, part of the reason can be attributed to an increase in ar...

The 10 Best Laser Lights

We are happy to tell you,  Joly Joy Class Ⅲ-A Star has achieved a rank of #4 in Ezvid Wiki of 2019's best laser lights. The famous review website...
Five Black Friday Shopping Ideas

Five Black Friday Shopping Ideas

Every Black Friday and weeks after we all are trying to find best deals for gifts for family members, colleagues, loved ones, kids.
If you lost in all deals and have limited budget for your Christmas Gifts, this list of shopping ideas is for you.
Types of electric bike motors.

Types of electric bike motors.

Lets try to find out which type of motor would be more suitable for different types of electric bikes. Hub Motors Hub motors were the first type ...
Short history of aroma humidifiers.

Short history of aroma humidifiers.

Lets dig little in to history and see when and why people started to use steam and aroma oils to improve their living and health.

Let's Looks Like Inside an Amazon Warehouse


What happens after you click “buy” on To most people, that’s a mystery isn't it ? so here we are going to have a look inside amazon ware house

Have a glimpse to Hong Kong Electronic fair 2015(Autumn edition)

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronic fair is one of the Asia’s biggest electronics event. Buyers from all around the globe are gathering in Hong Kong to meet with regular suppliers. They will also be in search of new potential collaborations. A variety of suppliers will be exhibiting, including third party inspection companies. 

some cool E-Bike gadgets

     Gadgets for your E-Bike                      


There’s no doubt about it: cycling is in! Whether for commuting, recreation or sport, it seems that just about everyone is riding some sort of Bike these days. But in this technology-dominated day and age, there’s so much more you can have on your bicycle than just a bell and some simple lights.

Top Tips for Buying an E-Bike

Tips for Buying an E-Bike

Consider Your Needs


Electric bikes are designed for different people and different purposes. It’s up to you to decide what is most important to you, what is not important at all, and then communicate that to the retailer. If comfort is key, then a step-through frame might be best. If hill-climbing is crucial, then a hub motor over 250 watts or a mid-mounted motor is what will work. If riding long distances is your cup of tea, then a large battery of over 400 watt hours is paramount. Understanding your personal needs will help you focus your attention toward the right bikes.

Different categories of Electric Bikes/Scooters

What is an electric bike 

Electric Bikes consist of a modified or custom bicycle frame with pedals but include an electric motor, usually in the form of a hub motor, mid-drive motor or belt drive connected to the rear wheel. They allow a rider to either pedal the bike or leverage the power of a battery and motor drive system.

Best Gadgets

Favorite gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show

Some feature game-changing technologies that are likely to influence the development of other products. Others are simply cool.