The Role Of Logistics In E-commerce Industry

A logistic service is a backbone of e-commerce. Without a swift, reliable, accurate and safe logistic services the concept of on-line shopping is no more than a fantasy.

These days a logistic company is more important for a successful e-commerce system because a logistic company may survive without e-commerce business cooperation but an e-commerce merchant or service provider can not survive without a logistic service.

To store, pack, track and deliver your online orders are the four steps, which every e-merchant has to follow for a successful order fulfillment. Whether they sell small products like, power bank, lightening cable or other cell phone accessories, clothes, books or whatever, logistic management is a primary and mandatory aspect to fulfill an order.

Due to growing e-commerce tendency, Logistic companies like DHL, UPS are redirecting their business models towards the changing trends as consumers are having higher expectations than before, secondly the competition among e-commerce giants, compel these companies to be more efficient.

“It is a re-orchestration of supply chains to serve individual customers,” says Steve Agg, chief executive, of industry body the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. “The consumer is now in control of the supply chain”.

For example if you have ordered a set of  a Car Charger with a iPhone 6 cable for your new iPhone 6 then most probably you would like to be replied as soon as possible to get your order and to receive your order in the same day, the time constraint and a rapid delivery are the common challenges for web-stores. which are needed to be met, in order to satisfy the end users. Just imagine that you have to ship 1000pcs of car chargers or portable power bank from your warehouse and need to deliver these phone accessories to 1000 different addresses every day. There is no doubt that the 3PL companies have to keep transforming themselves with the latest emerging trends.

Exposure of e-retails not just pushed forwarding companies out of their comfort zones, but it also has improved the levels and standards of warehousing systems.

As most of the companies are availing the facility to pack and ship their goods in warehouses of such online platforms as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a biggest example of this model, which does not only keep your stock, but also cater customer services for your valuable clientele, however You need to be fully aware and comply with the strict requirements and regulations to enjoy these services. You sell, they ship. If you are a small seller and you find these rules too complicated to follow then you may consult with some other logistic companies like: Flatreatefulfilment, Shipwire, or Webgistix, which have comparatively easy regulations to follow.

Lets have an instant look on their basic mechanism.


The Ins and Outs of Shipwire are more convenient for small business e-retailers as it offers you to:

Store your product

Enable your sales

Offer fast and flexible shipping

Optimize and automate shipments

Expand distribution partnerships

Engage emerging channels

Customize your delivery experience



Webgistix is another service provider for the e-merchants who want a less time taking procedures for the fulfillment of their orders.

It claims guaranteed on time delivery and save e-retailers from cumbersome details to get a logistic service.

Time saving aspect is an additional characteristic of Webgistix.

No doubt,with the passage of time these services are getting better and faster, but lets see, in what fashion the e-commerce upcoming trend is going to settle itself.