Fashion and Technology, Goes Together

Fashion and Technology are tapering as the innovative advancements accelerating with a rocket speed. If we look back in the past, we will find many contrasts, which have now a day’s become a uniform.The first telephone model would be a weird gadget for the new generation and it was only voice transmission equipment.However,on the other hand the smart phones are really amazing addition in telecommunication sector, due to drastic impacts of latest technological advancements, today we have a totally changed shape of fashion as it has a lot of technology running in its veins.

The smart phones are getting sleek and intelligent; the people prefer to go with the gadgetry, matching to their taste and style.The temptation to look different and superior compels them to be accessorized smartly and uniquely, to an extent, manufacturers also look determined to flourish such needs in order to present their customers something new and unique which, can raise their prestige and also won’t be odd going to the devices they are already carrying.

iphone cableParticularly the wearable gadgetry has evolved more in our lives.The rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches etc, fulfill our fashion and technological needs and give us a remarkable look with convenient utility.The colorful iPhone cables, the glowing car chargers the elegant power banks, now all these cell phone accessories having a bit of fashion besides their core functionality.

Presently the wearable gadgets are eye catching products for both, the tech geeks and fashion enthusiasts.This Two in One fashion and tech gadgetry is widely and rapidly been accepted by the people and enticing the conventional fashion routes to the new avenues of technology.


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An article of "TechCrunch" about a smart fashion accessory “TagoArc Smart Bracelet Blends E-Ink And NFC” says:

“From gizmos to trinkets: the era of smart jewelry is upon us, with makers and businesses of all stripes and sizes busy mixing electronics and sensors with ‘fashion-friendly’ designs intended to be displayed proudly on the person.”

“Last fall, for instance, Sony outed a minimalist e-paper smartwatch, called the FES Watch. It’s due to ship later this year. The watch face and band designs can customizable by the user, thanks to the use of low-power e-ink tech. This is e-ink as a fashion fabric. “And that’s just the vanguard. E-ink’s low power consumption gets round the primary problem of current gen wearables: sucky battery life. So expect a whole lot more of this pattern-shifting stuff to start cropping up.”

The clothing and footwear have also taken a turn to towards the technological enrichments; the fashion designers are bringing new styles using technological features to achieve uniqueness and to introduce ultra modern new styles in fashion industry.

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Last month in CES Las Vegas the prototypes of 3D printed dresses and 3D shoes have been presented.It reflects that in the coming time we may be going to office wearing a 3D tie and 3D official shoes. An article regarding fashion tech having a title of “ High-Tech Fashion Redefines Meaning of Revealing Clothing” published in the “New York Times” on February 4th 2015 revealed about a latest fashion show recently held in New York which exhibited some ultra modern designs of clothing.

Here are some of the extracts of that article for your perusal.

“The Navigate Jacket created by Ms. Whitehouse provides haptic feedback — basically, an electronic device in the garment that gives a light tap on one shoulder or the other to steer a person, not unlike a phone vibrating to announce a call.

“It’s a physical language to direct you through your shoulders where to turn left, where to turn right,” she said. “There’s a difference between a hard left and a soft left. It’ll give you a double tap, on both shoulders, when you arrive at your location. 

 iPhone accessories"Some of the fashion on display was made possible by laser-cutting machines. CreditSam Hodgson for The New York Times"

The directions come by Bluetooth from a person’s phone to the electronics in the shoulder. There is no sign of the gadgetry in the jackets. “Wearable technology should be invisible,” she said. “And you’ll be able to see things around you with your own eyes, instead of looking at the world through a screen.”

“For outright silliness, a designer added LED lights to a bra created on a 3-D printer that could change color depending on — well, who knows what.”  

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“The introduction of technology into garments has also introduced a new layer of monitoring and tracking into the human experience. “It has gotten more intimate,” Ms. Johnson said. “It’s not just your hand on a computer; it’s your clothing talking to the computer.”

“Similar to the fitness monitoring devices worn on the wrists, a Hexoskin smart shirt, for instance, monitors breathing, heart rate and other vital signs. The information cannot be read directly from the shirt, but communicates by Bluetooth to a smartphone.”

The technology and fashion are mingling and producing a different tang and taste of their combination which would cater the needs of almost every minds like tech geeks, the fashion lovers the kids etc. It is hard to exactly determine the new diversions of this ultra new combination of fashion and technology, let’s see what new we will have in coming times.The anticipations are about to see a totally different tech blended fashion trends and styles within the next decade.The IOT (internet of things) already have paved its way in our normal lives.The things are getting sensitized and digitized so the fashion will ultimately be converted into tech blended shape and will soon be evolved in a new and modern technological featured industry.