How to choose a car charger

This video is a guide about how to choose a car charger for your smartphone or tablet.

The iPhone battery is good but not that awesome to last for a long time. Users who travel regularly by car have a chance to recharge their devices with car chargers connected to cigarette lighter socket.

Before choosing a car charger we need to understand some features of iPhone and car chargers.

The iPhone 5S and most of Android phones usually use 1Ampere current or 5 watts power to recharge their battery, whereas tablets, iPhone 6, and hi-end Android phones need 2Amperes current or 10 watts.

If you use 1Amper USB output to recharge your tablet or iPhone 6 it will be charged, but with a very slow speed and you have to turn your device off or at least shut the screen down.

There is a built in system in most of smartphones and tablets, which draws a specific amount of current for charging. So if your device needs 2Amper and you use a 3.1Amper car charger, it won’t do any effect on the charging speed because this built in system will only draw the current, it needs.

It would be all right if you choose a car charger with one USB output of 1A to recharge your iPhone 5 and 2.1A for your tablet or iPhone 6. But these days most of us have more than one device or we can travel with family or friends. So it is better to choose a car charger with two of even three USB ports to recharge two-three devices simultaneously.

If you are planning to charge two not hi-end smartphones at the same time a dual USB car charger with 2.1A combined output will be enough for you. But if you have two iPhones 6 or phone AND a tablet it’s better to opt in for a 3.1A or even 4.4A version.

Power Needed Device
1A iPhone 5S, most of Android phones
2.1A Tablet, iPhone 6, Hi-End Android (such as Galaxy S5)
3.1A iPhone + Tablet
4.4A  Two iPhone 6, iPhone 6 + tablet


Additional features to consider, buying a car charger.

Status light: It is good to buy a car charger with an indication light so you know that your phone is charging without looking at the phone’s screen while driving.

Protection: Good car chargers have a built-in over charging, over heating protection system.

Cable: Some car chargers do not include a cable, but you can find a set with certified cable to ensure the charging reliability.