How to choose a good power bank

Smart phones have become a necessary part of our working and private life.The multiple applications and heavy features of phones, do not allow the phone battery to be going with you for a long time. A black screen would always be irritating when you have to receive or send an urgent email.

Power bank is an external battery which is made to facilitate users in such circumstances. So, if you have a power bank you don't need to worry about running out of juice. A large variety of power banks is available in the market nowadays. How to select a power bank which will be suitable for you? Let the lid blow off from some of the facts and features to find a solution of this question and the features, you should consider before buying a power bank.

iphone battery capacityThe capacity of the power bank: It is important to know the capacity of phone’s battery before buying a power bank. So you can determine how many times the power bank can fully recharge your phone. It will help to choose the size of a power bank.

Generally a Power bank can be categorized in three major types.

Ultra portable power bank:

Ultra portable power bankUltra portable power bank is a relatively low capacity power bank, but with a very handy and light weight design which you can easily carry in your pocket. In addition it has more delicate shapes available like lipstick, dice, a business card etc. Dainty designs could enhance stylish looks and could keep someone linked up with social and official connections. It can be made in a range of colors, matching with your clothing along with the fabric coated colorful cables. It is not only a tech gadget but certainly it is also a fashionable and stylish accessory which helps you to recharge phone when you need it the most.

Portable power bank:

Portable power bankPortable power banks are the external chargers which are neither too big nor too small in capacity. These is the best to cater the juice appetite of most of the smart phones twice. If you have a high phone usage from morning to evening and needs to recharge your phone once or twice in a day, this type of power bank would be an ultimate choice for you. Moreover, it also doesn’t have a heavy weight and very convenient to carry in your handbag or pockets. People usually have two devices or often are accompanied by the friends, so it is worth choosing power bank with dual USB output. For a day use it is worth having a medium capacity power bank.

High capacity power bank:

High capacity power bankHigh capacity power bank is a device which is used when there is no electricity source is available for a long time. It is suitable for the people who often go for camping and need to recharge their phones.  A high capacity power bank has a capability to store humongous power in it which can recharge a phone or tablet multiple times and can also recharge two devices at the same time. If you often have to go for adventurous activities then, this could be a suitable choice for you. High capacity power banks are also portable, not very heavy, can easily be carried in your handbag or backpack.

Salient features to remember about power banks

  • Choose a power bank which at least has a capacity equal to your phone’s battery. So that, it could, at least fully recharge your phone once (preferably it is better to choose a power bank of double capacity).
  • Go for a power bank which has two output ports of 1Ampere or ideally 2Ampere to recharge two phones at a same time.
  • Always visit the manufacturer’s website and see the pictures and description to get a better idea about the power bank.
  • Go for a light weight but tough body gadget.
  • Do not buy a power bank of cheap price with a big capacity, because there could be a refurbished battery inside.
  • Notice the charging indicators. Good power banks have lighting indicators which show the charge level of the power bank.
  • Be sure that the power bank you are going to buy is protected against short circuit, overcharging and overheating problems. Good power banks have a built-in integrated circuit for safety measures.
  • Make sure that a good battery (Lithium polymer or Lithium-ion) used in the power bank because the life of a power bank depends on the quality of the battery.