Use of a Selfiestick

Life is what, you want it to be, make it memorable.Time never stops and new things happen every day. Do not let the awesome moments faded away from your life. Catch every bit of charm that you are going to enjoy with family, friends or just by yourself. Being at a beautiful site in a pleasant mood but, you cannot take a picture of you by a desired angel. How would you feel? Not good. We often have the moments, we want to record.These days, it is easy to take self photos by a selfiestick.The Selfiestick is a product which is almost needed by everyone to take self pictures.Like power banks, car chargers, lightning cables, selfiestick is a hot addition in cell phone accessories range.


What is Included in a Selfiestick?

  • Selfie Stick with a blue tooth and battery embedded in it.
  • Phone Bracket to hold the phone for taking pictures.
  • USB to micro-USB charging cable.

How to adjust Phone to a Selfiestick?

Open the selfiestick phone bracket.

Place your phone in the bracket. Make sure that it is securely snuggled.

How to use bluetooth of a Selfiestick?

Switch from the “OFF” position to the “ON” position (located at your Selfie Stick).

It will start broadcasting bluetooth signals.

 How to Pair phone to a Selfiestick?

 With the Selfie Stick in pairing mode go to your cell phone’s bluetooth device list.

 Select “SELFIESTICK” to connect your phone by bluetooth to Selfie Stick.

How to Extend a Selfie Stick?

Hold the Selfie Stick by its handle and pull it with the other hand holding the Selfie Stick bracket. Selfie Stick will get extended.

How to Take Selfies With Selfiestick?

Enter your phone’s camera App.

Press the camera key to take selfies.

 How to Charge a Selfiestick?                                                                                                                      

It works like the other devices, same as we charge iPhone or a power bank. It is very simple just connect the micro-USB cable to Selfie Stick and Connect that USB cable to your computer or other USB device/5V USB charger.

Selfiestick enable people to take awesome pictures by the angles which was not that easy before.This amazing accessory made it possible to capture unforget able moments with more dynamics.