Joly Joy Success story

Joly Joy Co, Ltd. is a brand of consumer electronics which achieved success with a surprising pace, only in one year.

How Joly Joy came into being and how it became a successful brand in a very short time? You may find it interesting.

The most inspirational aspect of Joly Joy’s success is that it only Joly Joy tempered glass screen protectorbeen started, developed and established by the four persons. I will just express it in a short way that how it happened. The idea to establish a brand started with a get together of four friends in New York, who were having a talk about business, the discussion about brands and business prolonged and ended at the point to start a brand of fashionable electronic accessories. Those four persons, One from China, One from Europe, One from Russia and from Middle East with different backgrounds and having different experiences, felt the need to develop a brand of fashionable accessories.


The Chinese guy was already manufacturing electronic products, the other three were a fashion designer, an electrical engineer, and a guy with sales experience. So they put their ideas together and took a start to establish a brand of fashionable and stylish electronic accessories.

Joly Joy Power Bank 4000 mahThe team started their brand from a very basic level without a very huge investment. The guy who was manufacturing the electronics, allocated a small space in his warehouse, and from the concept level the brand entered into a practical working phase. It was a very small place for a proper official setup, and was almost full of cartons and boxes every time. It was the phase of schema and design, to do market research, know latest trends, measure estimates etc. The European fashion designer girl added the style and Russian electronic engineer secured the products by technical aspects and the design went into production phase. The long sessions of discussions and technical perusals being held during this phase. It was pretty hard to deal with the factories to get ultimate satisfied production, many ups and downs came during the production phase sometimes it seemed that the ideas cannot really be came into reality. The logo designing, the packaging, the logistics etc all were not that easy to cope. With a great determination Joly Joy team did not compromised on any of their desired requirements and needs.

It took almost a couple of months to get products ready.The next phase was to publicize and to market the brand, to check the worth of their ideas and skills.

It was the height of jubilance when the brand just slammed away the other products and become more demanding beyond the expectations. Joly Joy shifted to a new office with a bigger team now the second lot of products is going to launch very soon. With new ideas and stylish cell phone accessories.

This success story is one of the fastest success stories I have ever observed about a brand’s success. The right idea the proper working with an ambitious team can make any business successful.