What is a smart watch and how does it work?

What is a smart watch?

A smart watch is a featured wearable device with a set of computing programs. It includes various type of functionality like heartbeat monitoring, step counter, alerts, navigation, touch screen etc. A smart watch also allows you to read text messages and calling facility. Certainly smart phones have become a very important and special aspect of today’s life and replaced many devices like calculator, stopwatch physical calendars, notepads, for every such utility we watch at our smart phone.The technological innovations making conventional devices more smart and intelligent. Consequently, wrist watches have evolved into smart watches and these days almost every known and leading brand introducing a smart watch.  

How does it work?

A smartwatch can perform some of the tasks for which we use our smart phones.Like the cell phones there is a processor, memory, touch sensitive display and an operating system and also the Apps. The smart watch brands are also developing their Apps to provide maximum range of Apps to their users. 

Smart watches are powered by batteries and they need to be recharged just like we charge our cell phones.It works with a compatible smart phone and needs internet access to perform the functions.Below given extract of an article may help you to understand the smart watch functionality.

“Smart watches have their own tiny processors, RAM, and LED touch screen displays just like smart phones and tablets.They have their own Operating Systems and Apps too. Sony’s ‘SmartWatch’ runs on the Android OS. Smart watches have custom developed apps which improve their utility just like the case of smart phones. Smart watch manufacturers like Pebble are also setting up their own app stores to make more number of apps available to their customers. Smart watches connect with other devices using technologies like Bluetooth. Some smart watches have GPS connectivity too.”

 There is a big competition in the market among bigwigs as almost every brand which is making smart phones also making smart watches. Apple is going to launch it’s smart watch very soon and Samsung Gear is already available. Sony, LG , Huawei , Microsoft are developing smart watches.

In the near future, It is been expected that the competition between technological giants will bring more and more smart options in the future.