Why some of the headphones are very expensive?

Headphone prices vary at a very large scale. You can buy a headphone for $10 and for $500. As a matter of fact, there are good headphones at every price. Some inexpensive headphones perform better than the headphones higher in price. Some expensive headphones are indeed worth of their price. So, how to determine the worth of a headphone and why some of the headphones are very expensive?

This is a very controversial debate. The opinions differ by user to user and experience to experience. Not all the inexpensive headphones are bad and not all the expensive headphones are good. Let the lid blow off and have a look at the few facts that why some of the headphones are very expensive.

The basic science or functionality behind the headphones is almost the same, what makes a headphone distinctive is its quality and efficiency. The clear, smooth and crispy sound, awesome soundstage feature, noise cancelling, no muddy bass let you experience a totally different taste of music by using a high end headphone. You may find it good and comfortable to use an inexpensive headphone but an expensive and high quality headphone let you hear the sound of each instrument separately and you can feel the combination of different sounds composed in a one piece of music. This is a very competitive market manufacturers have to spend on marketing campaigns to launch their products which needs money and ultimately this expense add in the cost of the product. Materials also play a vital role to determine the price of headphones.

Certain materials may not have been used before to manufacture headphones and could be costly. Therefore it costs a lot to design and manufacture with new materials. R&D is another factor to make headphones pricy. From the concept to development there are various aspects to consider e.g. ideas; imagination, research designing etc and all these elements raise the price.

Certainly, the big name does affect the price. For example the Apple Inc. Headphone is really not a worth of its price but with a big name it is popular. Secondly it is difficult and costly to design a headphone with premium quality raw material and compact design. A sturdy and durable headphone with some extra features of ‘Noise Cancellation’ ‘wireless audio’ and detachable cables needs some extra cost. The inexpensive headphones may work great and you didn’t feel the need to go for the expensive ones but, once you will experience something better you could feel a difference and after reverting to your old ordinary and inexpensive headphone you might not enjoy it as you had been enjoying before.
After all it is all about individuals taste and preferences that is something which varies from personal likings because at last one has to listen music according to a particular taste and quality.