Role of packaging in product success

While deciding packaging of a new product.It is an obvious thought came to mind that do the packaging play a significant role in product’s promotion and sales? Do the appearance and presentation of a product really does matter to customers? Some manufacturers think that the product and its quality is the core area to focus and packaging is not that important. But as a matter of fact product packaging plays a significant role to achieve a business success.Basically the packaging is used to keep the product intact from certain damages and to preserve from external harmful effects e.g. expected damages while transportation or from weather impacts etc. 

The packaging of a product should be appealing and attractive to catch the customer’s attention, while displayed with other products in a store rack it should be identified by an instant glance.It requires a careful and professional approach to design and decide the packaging for a product.The packaging must not be odd going with the product and the captions and trade mark must be sensibly placed. The colors selection is also very important to catch customer’s attention.

Some of the organizations have a separate department for designing and productions of the packaging of their products and hire expensive professionals who take care of the overall look and finish of the packaging because they are aware of the importance of a good and clever packaging.
User manuals are another aspect of a good packaging whether enclosed with the product or written on the outer surface of packaging the information should be clear and self explanatory. It will help customers to find and understand the product.

There is a wide and comprehensive range of packaging available but the right packaging for your product is one which increases the worth of your product as well as makes it more attractive and it should be durable so that the product would be safe if stocked for a long period of time in the warehouse.

To choose a good packaging for a product depends upon the type of a product for example some products can be beneficial to package in the regular blister package or in a regular card box and some of the products require fancy and uniquely designed boxes. Certainly the packaging does affect the product cost but on the other hand it increases the value of the product as well. For example a power bank can be packaged in a retail blister packaging and could also be packed in a premium quality box packaging.The good and beautiful packaging reflects that you are passionate about your product and the customer feels pleasant to open a product packed like a gift. It conveys good feeling to your customers and enhances your business.

The material of the packaging must be fully compliant with the safety and environmental friendly standards.

A product’s packaging plays a vital role in advertising the product. A well wrapped with interesting colors patterns, pictures or some eye catching design will increase the customer’s response. So, the manufacturers should realize these facts and present their product by choosing the packaging intelligently to get a higher business response.