Use of Solar Power in Consumer Electronics

What is a Solar Power?

Solar power is an energy which we take from sunlight.This source of energy is very powerful, useful and a free alternative of electricity. If it is generated successfully and used in an efficient manner it would be enough to abolish the entire electricity crisis of the world and would be sufficient enough to cater all the electricity needs of our planet.

How Can Electricity Be Generated By The Solar Power?

There are multiple ways to generate electricity from solar power.The most popular and commonly used way of producing electricity by solar power is Photovoltaic or photoelectric cells.There are some more methods like solar furnaces and solar water heaters but the photovoltaic is more common and widely accepted method.

Advantages of Solar power:

The solar power can be used in the areas where no other source of energy can be provided it is not less than a blessing to that kind of the places.Solar power is eco-friendly and it is absolutely not harmful for environment.The biggest advantage of solar power is that it is completely free and inexhaustible. It is very useful where low power is needed e.g. electronic gadgets, watches, lights, batteries, chargers etc.

Use of Solar Power in low Power electronics:

The use of solar power in low power electronic devices is not new. Since the last decade the use of solar power in small electronic gadgets has grown rapidly.The solar paneled watches, Calculators the pocket sized radios were common for a long time. As the technology is progressing and as it is touching the sky height now the use of solar power also has increased and as a result we can see many new gadgets available in the market with solar panels.

Particularly the cell phone accessories manufactures have been implementing solar panels for a better, efficient and cost free usage of cellphones.Very much likely to smartphones, the
accessories for the smart phones also have a tough competition to win the success. As a new model of a leading smartphone is launched in the market the accessories also been launched and every manufacturer tries to launch a different and most useful accessories for the latest smartphone models.The factories making the accessories with solar panels have an edge over the others as it provides multiple extra benefits to users.

Before, the solar panels were not considered cent percent efficient but the latest gadgetry with the solar panels is doing better.The most commonly faced irritating issue of smartphones is a short battery time and there are power banks available to resolve this problem.

The power banks also need to be charged so there was a gap for a free and quick energy source.The solar power is an ultimate option to encounter this problem, presently there are multiple phone cases available with solar panels.This energy is also used in power banks and battery cases.

The solar chargers are now more efficient than before and the energy is catching the attention of manufactures to make more accessories based on solar power.It is already very popular and widely adapted but in the near future we can see more innovations of  solar power use in cell phone accessories.