The Dissolvable Circuits


The researchers are advancing towards more rapid and environmental friendly technology called “Dissolvable Circuits” it is an amazing and very useful technology especially in the medical field.These thin and little biocompatible electronic devices would be able to implanted in the body to monitor and get the required medical data and will be dissolved when exposed to water or to body fluids.The interesting and good thing is that, there will not be any harmful residue left after they will dissolve.

Scope and Utility

The scope of these devices is not only restricted to medical purposes but its revolutionary application opening new thoughts and uses in the consumer electronics, environment monitoring and security forces areas etc.Presently the electronic manufacturing is based on to make long lasting and durable "Chips" and apparatuses. These electronic transients will disappear after performing and fulfilling the purpose on a scheduled time.It means that these “transient electronics” can be used for few days or for several months.The time can be predefined and scheduled according to the needs.Once the circuit will be disintegrated, it will start dissolving.

Dr. John A. Rogers’ research group at the University of Illinois, champagne, Department of Materials Science and Engineering is a person who is leading this research and concept, along with all the fundamental core work and development proceedings.

 “Our most recent combined developments in devices that address real challenges in clinical medicine and in advanced, high volume manufacturing strategies suggest a promising future for this new class of technology,” said Rogers.


The scheduled and integrated circuits based on the bio reabsorb devices should be  user friendly and an individual should not face too much technicalities to use and apply rather the back end complex programming or system should be smart enough to support users in hidden form so that, an easy use could be possible for everyone.

“Those opportunities, he added, include cell phones and other mobile devices that stop working on a timetable corresponding to the time for upgrading to a new model. Instead of adding to the $50 million of so-called e-waste generated every year, the devices would simply break down. Medical implants that are only needed for a few weeks could just disappear, without requiring an extra surgery to remove them from the body. And no one would have to retrieve dozens of transient water-quality sensors from a river undergoing water quality monitoring.They would dissolve without a trace and without causing any harm to the environment.” Explained Roger


The researchers thought about silk, they removed the silk worms from cocoons and made silk sheets to build circuits on it and rather to use any traditional materials for integrity and to make it dissolvable they chose very thin slices of silicon and use the elements present in our body so that it could be replaced by the other circuit elements.


No doubt, it would be very beneficial and a revolutionary turn of technology towards new dynamics of consumer electronics as well as it will bring many changes and facilities in medical and environmental sectors. It will prevent the e-waste and make people more aware and updated about their concerned things in a more easy way.