Gadgets men's fall in love with !!


PS Vita TV

The Vita TV is expected to break out of Japan any moment now and it is definitely a gadget that any man would die for. This TV allows you to put all of your Vita games on the television, you can stream from your PS4, and you eventually can stream apps on your television. All of these features make the Vita TV essential for any man who loves to play on his play station.

Jawbone UP3

The world's most advanced tracker.

Everyone has had a life-changing experience sometime. This is one of those times. UP3™ is simply the most advanced tracker you can buy. Its classic, durable design will stand the test of time. Multi-sensor technology adds breadth and accuracy to Smart Coach. Everything about UP3 says that the bar has been set higher. Wear one and go further.

Sony Short Throw 4K Projector

This projector is actually in disguise as a piece of furniture in your home! It gives you an amazing image and has capabilities of projecting 147-inch images. This delivers the home cinema of your dreams at a price of $30,000-40,000. Thank you Sony!


JVC Everio

This amazing camera has features that would impress any man, with 40x optical zoom, 4.5 hours of battery life, dynamic zoom of 60x, and strong low light performance. This camera is so small it can fit into your pocket and go with you anywhere. It is shock proof, dust proof, freeze proof, and water proof! It is the camera of your dreams.


Philips Surround Base


This amazing surround base will transform your home living room into a cinema. The audio capabilities of this little machine will amaze you and exceed all of your expectations. You can either sit down and enjoy a movie in your home as if you were in a movie theater  or you can play some of your favorite music and listen to songs you love as you've never heard them before. This amazing product is only $199 and is a gadget that any man would want.

Pebble new face

Pebble Time Round is faithful to timeless watch design while being a true Pebble at heart. The beautiful, always-on, e-paper display discreetly camouflages the smarts within. Summon timeline to keep tabs on your day. Leave the phone in your bag and bring notifications, messages, incoming calls, and music controls to your wrist. Pebble Time Round is the perfect companion for those who like their wearable tech a bit more incognito.


Monster DNA Pro Wireless

Although these wireless headphones are a bit pricey, I think we can all admit they are totally worth the cost. These earphones come with incredible active noise cancellation features, Bluetooth capabilities, and touch interface that are button-less. Draining the batteries is no longer a worry with the automatic function that turns the set off for you.


Swatch Sistem51

This quartz watch has been on the top of its game since it was invented thirty years ago. It was named the Sistem51 because it has 51 components. The clock face is absolutely incredible and captivating and it has 90-hour power reserve. Impressive right?


iDevice iGrill 2

This is for all of you men who love to grill, which is most likely every single one of you. The iGrill is unique, allowing you to keep track of the temperature of your food up to 150 feet away while it is grilling. It comes with magnetic mounting features, which allow you to attach it to the grill. Grilling has never been so simple!

Denon Ceol

This high-tech music system is an incredible buy that every man is dying to own. It now has AirPlay as its standard setting. The main unit has an amp, web radio streamer, CD, FM tuner, and an iPod dock. The Denon Ceol is great for streaming music and the sound quality is described as creamy.

Parrot  "Bebop" drone

The Parrot Bebop Drone is small and lightweight for its capabilities. It's relatively tough, but also user repairable if it breaks. It can be piloted with a smartphone or tablet as well as the optional Skycontroller. Interesting isn't it ? 

Made from foam, strong plastic and fiberglass, the Parrot Bebop is the safer, gentler quadcopter that you can pilot with the smartphone in your pocket. In an attempt to capture some of those enthusiasts, however, Parrot perhaps stretched a bit too far, making something that was too pricey for beginners and with not enough features or performance for experienced users. It's good for what it is, but in category that's growing rapidly, it's a tough sell.

Emperor 1510 Gaming Environment


With a Bose 2.1 sound system, it should be no shock to you that this gaming chair is one of the most needed items for men. This gaming chair has a large variety of connections and adjustable seating. All you have to do is add your on monitors, console, or PC and you are set.

Joly joy E-Bike

Joly Joy E-Bike is an fascinating Bike ! if you like biking then this is the gadget of your dreams. It has lots of mind blowing smart functions like Bluetooth speaker, you can lock the your bike with your phone, GPS tracking system and Pollution level checker . This is great if you have older kids in the house and, honestly, it is great for any man as well!