Let's Looks Like Inside an Amazon Warehouse


What happens after you click “buy” on Amazon.com? To most people, that’s a mystery isn't it ? so here we are going to have a look inside amazon ware house




The entrance of the "fulfillment center," as Amazon calls it. "Work hard. Have fun. Make History,"


One of the fulfillment center 1.2 million square feet and is one of four Amazon warehouses in Phoenix.


In many ways, it looks like a real-life version of the Chutes and Ladders board game.


When a package arrives through a loading dock at Amazon's facility, it is scanned into the inventory management system here so there's a virtual record to match the physical product.


scanning the product and the shelf to record the location.                    


After products are picked, a computer program tells workers such as this one how to organize items by customer order. Each slot represents an order.


gift-wrap some items before they get packed for delivery.


This worker grabs items off of a conveyor belt and then scans them; Amazon's computer system tells which envelope or box size to use for packaging.


This contraption, also known as the slam line, weighs the package for accuracy.


Then, it "slams" on a shipping label.


The orange pieces on the "ship sorter" automatically push boxes down these chutes to the right loading dock based on speed and shipping company.



 Just See the video Below about Amazon warehouse robots