Five Black Friday Shopping Ideas

Every Black Friday and weeks after we all are trying to find best deals for gifts for family members, colleagues, loved ones, kids.
If you lost in all deals and have limited budget for your Christmas Gifts, this list of shopping ideas is for you.


Chromecast / Amazon Fire TV Stick

ChromecastChromecast is probably a best solutions of a gift idea problem to any one who has a TV set.
For just $35 directly from Google you can give a limitless tool to turn any TV into a actual Smart TV, controlled by iOS/Android phone.



Amazon Fire TV StickSimilar Idea is an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Like the Chromecast, it turns any TV into agreatSmart TV — but it’s a lot less dependent on having a smartphone or tablet.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleThis one is probably a good choice for older generation who used to paper books, but still wouldn't mind trying new ways. Any model of Amazon’s reader has battery lasts for weeks, it’s comfortable to read for hours on end, simple to use.
Of cause, Amazon offers a good seasonal deal for Kindle models.


Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPade MiniYounger generation will probably appreciate something more colorful, interactive, and multifunctional than Kindle, even if they are also book warms. So Apple iPad Mini would be better choice here.
Walmart and Target has some good deals for different models.

LED Reading Lamp

If your parents or friend in our electronics age still prefer paper books, than a good eye-care reading lamp.
Here is an offer on Amazon which also has a pretty nice design.

5 x USB Charger

Joly Joy USB PortFor someone who gadgets geek, or just can not live without constantly using multiple devices here a good a relatively cheap solution. A device which can charge up to 5 USB devices at the same time on maximum speed.
Also available from Amazon.